About me

Bustling Blossoms was created by 2 young adults with ambition to wake up and beautify the world with accessories. Also, to capture beauty with our cameras and share it with others! My name is Aubree Pierce. I am a graduate from UNCA with a BA in Math and a minor in lit. I work as a tutor at Mathnasium and full time at CVS (gotta pay the bills....). I love to ride my bike and I am currently in training to bike across NC, and eventually America (fingers crossed). I also love animals and hope one day to have the time, space, and money to foster. My co-founder of Bustling Blossoms is Ali Risheberger. She is an avid collector of Earrings, so she knows what she is doing in the earring design part of our shop :) She also is a wonderful photographer who know how to catch the perfect moment in time. She is currently working as a manager in training and pursuing an Associate's Degree in Photography. She also cares deeply for animals and volunteers at local shelters when she has time. Ali is also a painter, but so far her works are reserved and none are for sale.
We have known each other for almost 20 years and have been best friends the whole time. We have gone through an uncountable number of unforgettable experiences together and we hope that Bustling Blossoms will be a success!
Thank you so much for supporting us in our business venture!