Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bustling Blossoms 12.25.10
Bustling Blossoms is a fairly new shop.  As a beginner in the world of handcrafting as well as online business I have learned A LOT about networking, promotion, design, etc. over the last few months.  I began this adventure because I was looking and looking for a headband with a flower on it.  Not just any old flower but one that was the right color, style, and size at a reasonable price.  I searched and searched but everything I found that was remotely close to what I was looking for was well out of my price range.  So, one day I venture into a craft store and I see just the flower I was looking for and came up with the great idea to just make my own.  I was surprised at how well it came out, made more, and posted them on etsy.
More to come soon!!
If anyone has any suggestions on getting more sales or views for a beginner I would appreciate the tips!!
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