Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pictures, New Year, Blog 01.06.11

Well since my last post I have learned some stuff about blogging. It's actually pretty simple to get everything where you want it, but I didn't know what was really available until I played with it all. So now I have some pages.. well a page, and I know how to change my design and everything. I still haven't had any luck in the sales department, but I am a patient and persistent person so I have hope. I got some good constructive criticism from an Etsy chatroom the other day about the photographs of my products. Natural light makes a HUGE difference. So, I am slowly retaking pictures and posting new pics of all my items whose pics aren't so fantastic. It takes a while though, to get just the right lighting and all that for each item and at each angle. Plus having the background right is pretty difficult too since I don't have a backdrop or anything. When I put the items on there I figured as long as it represents what you are selling correctly then it's fine, but having the pic be visually appealing and stand out from the other products on Etsy is crucial. People aren't going to search specifically for your item EVER so it is very important for the buyer to see your item instead of it getting lost in the sea. My new years resolutions for Bustling Blossoms are to 1. Re-do all my crappy pics; 2. Create a treasury; 3. get more involved through Etsy and other websites to get my shop seen; and 4. Get enough items (and organize them) to be able to set up a booth at a craft show or Bele Chere... Well we shall see what happens!!
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