Friday, March 4, 2011

New Items! Unique Red Rose Earrings and a preview of more to come!

I've finally put up another item.. I have been slacking off a little bit lately because Etsy is just so time consuming.  It's crazy how much time I put into the website and I still have a long ways to go before seeing profit.  I made 2 sales in less than a week which was very exciting because they were the first headbands I sold.  Finding my target audience is so hard and I don't really know how to subtly market without being spammy.  If someone feels like they're being spammed then they will never buy from you.  The internet is so huge it's hard to be seen in the great ocean of it all.  Hard to stay afloat as well.. If any of you have suggestions on how to reach your target audience feel free to comment, or share your experiences of having a shop online.
Well anyways this is my newest item posted
Red Rose Earrings (also available in pink)
And here's a few that will be up soon
Red Carnation Headband

Red and Yellow Rose clip (french spring)

Red and Purple rose clip

Red Robin Nest Headband

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