Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Procrastination is overcome - new items and more to come

It took long enough, but I finally got a couple new items posted up.  And I made a couple new items yet to be posted woo hoo!
Romanitc Red Rose Bobby pin

Yay!  I feel like I have spent all weekend working on Etsy, but barely got anything done.  I did manage to make a treasury for the CEFP Team  that I just joined which got to be number one on the treasury list!  That was super exciting because I have never got a lot of views on anything.  Classic Romance

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  1. oh my! My son would be yanking on my ears 24 hours a day with those Toy Story Earrings on! Too cute!

    Following your blog, here is mine www.cactusscraps.blogspot.com
    CraftCult team!